02 July 2006

Yea! It's sunny!

Two days in a row of sun. Can we stand it? It is actually just gorgeous....not too hot and a bit of a wind to keep the bugs down.

I finished my Celtic Knot sweater on Thursday evening and it fits perfectly. I am so pleased! And because the sleeves were knit down from armhole openings, I got them exactly the right length! I am unsure about blocking it though. The yarn is a cotton blend and I really don't think it will make one bit of differnce. I may take it the next time I go to Have A Yarn and see what they think.

Next I started the shawl I pictured a few posts ago. This may be more than I can handle. I have started a 31 stitch swatch and had to tear it out at least 20 times! I am loath to admit defeat, but I am really getting frustrated. The pattern calls for nupps, which are knit into and yarn forward on the same stitch to create 7 new stitches and then pick them all up on the next row. Every other row has a least 2 or more of the darn nupps!! I actually got to row 13 in my practice swatch before dropping one of the seven stitches in a nupp and then of course the whole thing falls apart! And I cannot pick up stitches when they involve yarn forwards so I end up tearing out the whole thing and starting over. I cannot emphasize how frustrating I am finding this!!!! So then I thought that maybe instead of using my Addi Turbo needles which are metal and are great to knit with but very slippery, I might try a differnt needle, but of cousre I don't have any in the right size and definitley not a bamboo one which may just do the trick so the stitches don't fall off the needle so easily. Maybe I will take a Sunday drive to Mahone Bay and get some!! It does seem to be clouding over and might be the perfect time for a drive.

So on that note,

Bye bye for now.


Dorothy said...

Isn't it a beautiful weekend!

Katie and I took our dog to the beach and we all went for a swim. I think the dog had the most fun :)

Having BBQ for supper, to end off a good day!

Dorothy said...

Forgot to say, your sweater is beautiful!!!

Chrissy said...

What a pretty sweater!

Dorothy said...

It's boobearns@ss.eastlink.ca

It'll be late afternoon, most likely. Have to be at the IWK for 12; probably be an hour there. Want to go to Value Village before we leave the city.

Lauren said...

Love it!!!!!

Shannon said...

That is just gorgeous - the colour will so great on you! I can't wait to see it. I hope your weather is nicer down there!

meegiemoo said...

wow! I love that sweater!


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