20 June 2006

Catching Up

I am finally get some things done and life should return to normal soon. I went brain dead and completely forgot that the books for John's business had to be done by the end of the month and sent to the accountant's office and then off to CRA. So I have been busy with that the past week. I must say I don't know the Simply Accounting program well enough and although I can enter the info, I have a hard time with trying to reconcile things properly. It is fine if everything is perfect, but if not, I am lost. I hate not being able to do things properly!!

But I did manage to get to the garden centers around here and bought some annuals and 3 gorgeous planters. This year I found the Village Nursery in Pleasantville to have the best selections. So now my instatnt garden is in and looks lovely!! That is always a great feeling! Miss Maggie is checking out her domain. She is looking scruffy today but is going to the groomers tomorrow and will look gorgeous for a few days!!

I have had to put aside my sweater to knit a baby blanket for Lauren. It is the Snowflake pattern one......soooo soft and cuddlely. It is coming along nicely and should be finished in the next day or so and I will be able to get back to my sweater. I did get as far as picking up stitches around the sleeve and have knit a few rows.

I am off to Bridgewater this afternoon to get my pedicure and hair done. I will take the blanket and work on it there.

You may note in this picture that I have the GoKnit Pouch. I saw one on Lexa's site and thought they were exactly what I needed for carrying projects around instead of the plastic grocery bag I had been using. So I went online and found one, ordered it and it is wonderful. I love it!!

Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

I haven't gotten one of those bags yet, but I plan on! I'm getting tired of holes poking in my plastic bags, and I'm afraid I'll lose a needle. I do have a canvas bag I got at the store, but if I want something small to work on it's a bit on the big side.

That baby blanket looks so cuddly!

Lauren said...

The baby blanket looks great! Thanks again!

Debbie said...

Your planters are SO cheerful looking... the perfect backdrop for Miss Maggie's pose!

And the baby's blanket makes me wish I were one again - how soft and snuggly is THAT ?


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