13 June 2006

Home from Saint John

Well this has been a busy week. Lauren came to visit for a couple of days on Wednesday. I picked her up at the Digby ferry and we were home by 5 or so. Then it was off to the Quarterdeck for dinner. It was lovely despite the pouring down rain. They have done some renovations there and the deck is completely redone. It is heated out there and there are huge windows which I assume will come out in the warmer and drier weather. But there were several people out there eating whilst we were there. A huge improvement and it will allow for lots of extra seating now.

Thursday was a day of running around doing errands and catching up with friends. Also another rainy day. Then on Friday ( more rain ) Lauren had an appointment in Bridgewater and John was off to San Diego for a convention, so we decided to head out to Saint John after her appointment. We dropped Miss Mags off at the Graystone Kennels, where we board her. Or as she thinks of it, Summer Camp!!

Next we stopped in Mahone Bay to pop into Have A Yarn, my favourite yarn shop to pick up a pattern and some off white wool/silk blend yarn to knit this shawl.

Then on to the Inlet Cafe for the ever popular haddock chowder for lunch. We arrived at Lauren's cottage in Saint John at 5 p.m. What a great place that is for them! Right on the river and it has plenty of room for company and is a great place for kids! Shannon and Paul and the boys are staying there for a week in August so they should have a ball!

Shan and David arrived the next day ( also rainy ) and I forgot my camera so no pictures. But what a cutie! Smiling and happy now that his tooth is in. We had a lovely barbeque out at the cottage that evening and then the kids headed into Lauren's house and I stayed there for the next two nights. I got a lot of knitting done! I am almost finished the body of my sweater:

I am trying to get a closeup of the celtic knot, but it won't upload!! Finally!

Sunday ( rainy ) we went to the baby shower for Lauren where she recieved some beautiful things, including this little sweater from her mother:

I dropped Shan and David off at the airport in Saint John and then headed home on Monday. Sunny!! Picked Maggie up at the boarders and then home by 4:30.

And that's it for now. I must get on with household chores for a while.

Bye bye for now.

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lexa said...

Ah, so that was the secret you couldn't show us! Very nice! Your sweater is looking good, too! Blogger has been acting strange lately. It always quits uploading pictures on me, and it was giving me weird messages yesterday, wouldn't let me sign in.

Glad you had a good time with the kids/grandkids!


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