05 June 2006

Another rainy Monday

Here we go again. More rain and cloudy and most unspringlike weather! Seems like we will never see the sun shine.

I am coming along nicely with my Celtic Knot sweater. Not enough done to warrant a picture yet, but soon. The pattern arrived in the mail today, so I now have 2 copies of it and I am going to make a copy for myself so my orginal doesn't get all messed up! How clever am I? Too little too late me thinks! I still blush with embarrassment when I think about finding it in my scanner/copier/printer.

Lauren is coming to visit for a few days. We are really looking forward to seeing her happy face and the bump which is growing and growing. I can't believe she only has another 6 weeks or so to go before our newest little one is here. She has Wed - Fri. off this week and is coming home via the Digby ferry on Wed. afternoon. She will walk on in Saint John and I will be there to pick her up in Digby. And then I think she will go home with me on Saturday when I go over for her shower. We will be driving though. Not taking the ferry. Too much chance of me getting seasick to try going by sea. I will gladly drive around. Plus I have to go to Italy Cross to drop Miss Mags off at the boarders.

So I will go and knit and should have enough done for a picture next time.

Bye bye for now.

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

Enjoy your visit with Lauren!

Will you be going past Shelburne on your way to the ferry?

Happy Knitting!


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