30 May 2006

I cannot believe it!

I haven't posted any pictures lately because I have been working on a project for Lauren's baby shower and didn't want her to see it. I have finally finished it and will take a pic to post after the shower next weekend.

I decided to work on the sweater and yarn I bought in Ottawa a few weeks ago. So I got out the yarn (which I had already cast on and knit a few rows before I started the shower gift), but couldn't find the pattern anywhere. I searched my house from top to bottom but nothing!! I am so frustrated! I know I took it to read in bed one night to try and figure out the celtic knot pattern graph, but nothing nowhere nohow!

I then went to the Wool-Tyme website but they only have books listed, not all the individual patterns, so I have emailed them and hope they still have that one and will send it to me. I haven't heard anything from them yetm but it is only 9:30 up there! It is just so annoying! That is the first sweater I was knitting for myself and a summer weight one to boot!

Yesterday 2 friends and I lunched in Mahone Bay and did a bit of browsing around. I of course went to the Have A Yarn shop and bought a pattern for boiled wool purses. I recently saw similar ones for sale at a couple of gift shops for $60 or more dollars! So when I couldn't work on my sweater I went to my odds and ends of wool and found enough to do a couple of the bags and started one last night. It knits up quickly and I should have a picture in a day or so. It is black with a rose stripe and I am using a black and rose Eros novelty yarn on the top to spice it up.

I must pay some bills and then take Mags for a walk.

Bye bye for now.


Dorothy said...

WOW!! $60 for a purse? I've been trying to sell mine in the wrong location, obviously! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your purse!

I do look forward to my massages, I'll admit it. The lady who does mine is quite "forceful" in getting the knocks out of my muscles - which is what I need. Some people don't care to go to her, she hurts them too much. I feel the pain is worth it! I had a "relaxing" massage once, and didn't like it at all.

Dorothy said...

PS - good to see you posting again :)

Lauren said...

Can't wait to see the purse!


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