30 May 2006

I cannot believe it! Part 2

Ok. So I went to do my bills and am sitting here at my computer and decided to photocopy one of the bills. I open up the copier and lo and behold! there is my pattern. I must have left it there after I scanned it in to post on this blog! But of course this is after I have gone on line and ordered another one from the store, which they put in the mail this afternoon! Do I feel stupid or what? Or maybe I can write it off as a CRAFT moment!! Whatever! Anyway, I will soon have 2 patterns so if anyone wants one, I can let them have it!

Now that I have finished feeling like an idiot, I will go sew on the buttons I bought today for the shower gift and then finish the purse before finally getting the sweater going again.

Bye bye for now!

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