23 May 2006

Boring week

Here we go again. Another week and not much going on. I have been busy doing regular stuff and today I had a pedicure and hair appointment so my feet and hair look good. I just got back from bridge where I was keeping score and so in the same seat all evening. And it appears to have been the unlucky seat. I was low man for the night.
Tomorrow is lunch with my bowling group and it is supposed to rain. I really do sound like a gloomy gus tonight.

I am getting used to our new appliances though. We had company for dinner two nights on the weekend and things pretty much got cooked ok. I did have to keep checking the manual for the stove though. And the new stove doesn't have an outlet in it. My other one had 2 and I had no idea how often I used it till we got the new stove. But it has a plate warmer and a warming drawer, so I imagine I will get used to it. And I love the new fridge!! Even though it is stainless steel, it is not magnetizes and all my souvenir fridge magnets won't go on it. But it is so much bigger than our old one and the freezer is a drawer on the bottom and the vegetable bins are clear plastic so you can see everything in them. Maybe I will get pictures tomorrow in the daylight.

John is watching the Sopranos and between the cursing and the violence I must say I don't know how people can watch it. Mind you, I love the CSI series and I realize it is not everyone's cup of tea. However, those shows are not so heavy with the cursing which I really mind! So I think I will head off to bed.

Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

The Sopranos is a really good show, in spite of all of the cursing and violence! I haven't seen it for awhile, but I do like it.

I'm trying to hold off on starting another pair of socks til I finish the child size 4 sweater I started for the store. I finished the front tonight. It's hard, though, and I think I may cast on a pair tomorrow! (Especially hard with the new sock yarn I've been buying on eBay!)

Barbara said...

I enjoy CSI as well, but can't stand the Sopranos for the same reasons as you.

Dorothy said...

I'm with you - CSI is good. I've never watched any of the Sopranos, but it doesn't appeal to me from commercials.

Another nice, warm day here on the South Shore. Are you outside enjoying any of it?

Lauren said...

Still can't get past Horatio. Has he smiled yet?


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