10 May 2006

Home From Ottawa

Here it is Thursday and I am finally getting around to updating this blog.

I got home from Ottawa on Monday late afternoon having spent the night in Saint John with Lauren and Mark. I must say it was great to be home. And although I knew that Miss Cleo wasn't there, I still looked for her when I came in the door. That will probably take a few days or so. After 15 years it is just so natural to expect to see her come to the door to greet me. Miss Mags is doing well I must say. Apparently she was very clingy with John whilst I was away, but she seems fine now. I guess with Cleo going on Friday and me leaving on Sunday for 9 days it was all a bit much for her to understand.

I really enjoyed the time in Ottawa with Shan and the boys. It was wonderful to be able to spend enough time with them so that they, at least Peter, knows who I am now. They are really gorgeous little boys and I did take some pictures but they didn't come out very well. Pete doesn't like having his picture taken, so I took it whilst he was engrossed with Dora on TV and smiling David just wouldn't smile when I clicked the camera:

I took my niece Amy to lunch on her break and the next evening spent time with my other niece Stacey and her family. They are doing well and their families are growing so fast!

Of course I made the obligatory trip to a yarn shop up there and bought a sweater pattern, for me, and some gorgeous new yarn called Kim in a beautiful soft turquoise colour.

The sweater was designed by someone at that shop, Wool Tyme, and is really gorgeous. It has a large Celtic knot on the front, which shows up fairly well on the picture. Hopefully I will start it after I finish the striped sweater. Started the sleeves for that last night. I am doing them on 5 needles, so I can only do one sleeve at a time. But it is coming along nicely.

I had to spend the first night learning to use the new appliances that came the Saturday afternoon before I went to Ottawa. We needed a new fridge and the one we picked out was stainless steel so we ended up getting a new stove and dishwasher to match. The stove was the same age as the fridge, but gets much less use. Anyway, they are here and I am really pleased with them. The fridge is so nice and big and has the freezer on the bottom. I can't believe no one thought of that before! It is great to open the door and have everything at eye level!!

I think that is it. Beside the fact that it has rained and been cold and windy since I came home, so I am able to get all sort of little jobs done around the house. Not fun but they must be done sometime. So I am off to do some more.
Bye bye for now.


Shannon said...

Very nice - have you started it yet??? Take some pictures of the new appliances in the kitchen!

Are you done the crazy striped sweater? I bet that takes a LONG time!!!

Shannon said...

p.s. those boys are pretty cute!!!


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