05 April 2006

Wish you were here!

It is still sunny and warm and beautiful here! I am getting a nice tan but will admit I am ready to come home. I miss my girls and all our friends!

We were supposed to spend the day with Paula & Al today but both Paula & John have food poisoning and are sick as dogs. The only thing we can think of is that they both had the same thing for lunch on Monday and that must have done it. I swear it is the first time I have seen John this sick in 35 years!! Anyway they are slowly recovering and hopefully will be back to rights tomorrow. I am ordering out for me (shrimp pasta from Shells)and taking ice cream home for Johnnie when I leave here.

I have done some shopping and got a few cute outfits for the little boys in Ottawa and a really neat gadget for me and Mark. It's a baby gift for him!! I am having the most fun with it so I hope he will like it.

We leave for home on Saturday so I probably won't post again till then.

Bye bye for now!

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Sheri said...

Hope they're feeling better! I know food poisoning can make people violently ill. I feel for them! Hopefully you'll come back to some nice weather. It's supposed to rain Saturday but be nice Sunday. It's cooled off compared to last week, too, but it'll keep getting better!


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