03 April 2006

I am trying to upload a couple of pics of our view from our balcony, but so far no luck. I also cannot send emails. I can receive but not send. Maybe if I use their computer instead of mine they would send. But right now I am on my laptop so that I can upload the pics and even that is not working. Wait, no they went so here we are:

This one is looking up the beach

And this is looking straight out

The weather has been great!! No rain although apparently the area really needs rain and there are several brush fires.

Today we had friends visit and we did the beach type stuff. On Wednesday we are meeting them again at the Outlet mall where the men will golf and we will shop!

As far as the striped sweater goes, I have reached the armhole decrease and again I am trying to upload the pic with no luck. I will try once more and then give up. Aha, success:

So that's my little update.
Bye bye for now!


Sheri said...

Gorgeous view! Looks beautiful! The sweater looks awesome as well!

The weather is cooling off here a bit now. It's supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon, then it's cloudy with showers all week and temps down around +5. Our sun and warmth was nice while it lasted!

Tim and Kevin are going to England for two weeks the end of May. Tim's cousin lives there and is moving back to Canada this summer. Sometime you're in you'll have to give him some ideas of what to do while he's there! I'm hoping to go in three years time or so.

Dorothy said...

I want to come and stay with you!! :)

That sweater is amazing. I'd never have the patience.

And, once the craft room is done you're invited to come and check it out :)

Lauren said...

Well I'm glad to hear neither of you have caught our colds.....yes "our" colds. I came down with it on Saturday and am still suffering through it. Mark had to be put on antibiotics and a bronchodilator and they sent him to the hospital for chest X-rays. So take care of yourselves and stay healthy! Hope the weather keeps up for the rest of the week. Talk soon!

Shannon said...

Oh those pictures are gorgeous - wish I could jump into that water and go for a swim with the boys!

Barbara said...

Wow. Fabulous colours on that sweater! I will check in more often to see the progress!


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