07 April 2006

Home tomorrow

Well John is still feeling stomach flu symptoms so he has been sticking pretty close to our condo. I went to Tyrone Mall yesterday and to John's Pass today and then up here to check out a condo to rent for next year. There is a place here called the Tides Beach Club that is new and looks lovely. It has 3 bedrooms so we will have lots of room for company! It also has 3 pools, games rooms, club rooms, and lunch facilities. The pics of the condo we might be able to get look great, but we will have to wait to see if it will be available next March. I would feel much better getting a place that we can see and know for sure is going to be in a good location and that it has all the amenities, including an internet cable connection.

Our flight is at 2 tomorrow so we should be home by 9 or so tomorrow evening.
I think John will be glad to get home. Feeling miserable is no fun when you are away from home.

Bye bye for now!

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