10 April 2006

Home again but with the flu

I cannot believe it! We arrived home Saturday night and Sunday morning I was as sick as can be with the stomach flu......the whole 9 yards! So I spent all of yesterday either in my lazyboy chair, or in bed and today things have settled down somewhat. I am still headachy and sore but the GI thing seems to have settled.

It is gorgeous out there today and John has taken Mags for a walk. Both girls are having diarrhea issues too by the way. Just to make life even more icky!

So I am quick checking my email and doing a few things. A friend sent me the most amazing site. Someone has managed to put a webcam in a bald eagle's nest out in BC and you can watch the two parents sit on the eggs. Not sure which one is there now, but when it got up to change positions you could see the two eggs. Apparently we should be able to actually watch the eggs hatching if we are watching in time. Here is the site in case you are interested: Eagle Webcam

I am going to recline for a while.

Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

Hope you are feeling better really soon!

That's a neat site with the eagles nest. Wonder how they got it there? Haven't seen the eggs yet - would be cool to see them hatch!

Dorothy said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!

I'm enjoying watching the eagles. Saw one flying one day last week - it was while I was at work, so there were a bunch of kids watching it too. Do you know that if you see an eagle it means that the spirits have blessed you? That's what a lady who was teaching the kids about Mi'kmaq things told me once.

Anyway, feel better soon!


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