08 March 2006

Wednesday already!

I cannot believe how fast this week is going by!! I have been trying to get some odd jobs finished up and the time has just flown! I did get all my bills paid and posted to my Simply Accounting program. If I would only do it as they come in and not get a couple of months worth of entries piled up, it would be all done!! But no, not me. Put off till tomorrow is my philosophy! So that got done and then I have had this list of classmates from our 35th reunion a year and a half ago which I volunteered to put in an excel sheet and send out to everybody. Pages of names and nobody has them in a computer anywhere. So here I am now trying to get that done and off my desk!! And the updates are handwritten by each person, so that adds to the difficulty level. However, I should have it all done in a day or so.

Miss Cleo was supposed to go to the vet today for her annual checkup and shots. She will be 15 next week!! Yeah Cleo!! Anyway, they called to say my vet had to make an emergency farm call so could we rebook. Now we go on Friday at noon and I just realized that I am having guests for dinner Friday night. I guess this is where the word organized should be included in my planning for the meal. I can set the dining room table Thursday night and get some things ready ahead of time and it should work just fine!!

I have about an inch of the SS done on John's sweater, and it isn't worthy of a picture yet.

I got an email from Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay that they are having a save the tax sale for the next 2 weeks, so I should go and get some PINK yarn!! The ultrasound was Monday and Lauren is having a girl! This will be a fun change from the blues and boy colours! Time to get back to my spreadsheet.

Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

Maybe I will have to get down to Have a Yarn (for the first time) and take a look! I did e-mail them awhile back about Fleece Artist Merino. It was $40/hank, so now would be a good time to buy it.

Little pink things! How fun!

Debbie said...

A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting, I'll let them name her after me if they INSIST. Kidding, don't panic. I hope they're pleased. Will look for John's sweater when you're a few more inches along.


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