04 March 2006

Sweater success!!

Finally I got an email from Shannon re the Olympic sweater.....she got it today and it fits and she loves it:

And as an added bonus there is also a picture of Paul with the one I made for him last fall! So all my worrying was for naught!

We went to the city today to the Home Show but there really was not much in the way of things we were looking for. So we headed out to Bayer's Lake and the big box stores to find a coffee table for the den. We found a perfect one at the Lazy Boy Store and brought it home, only to find the paint was chipped and so now we have to return it. Hopefully we will be able to get them to bring a new one down here and take the damaged one back with them. I will have to call on Monday and try to get that sorted out. So disappointing to find the perfect thing and then have it damaged!!

Anyway, we went out to our friends' for dinner tonight and had a great time and now I am going to finish up the Irish Hiking scarf and then start John's sweater! What a busy bee am I?!

Bye bye for now!!


Dorothy said...

Beautiful sweaters, and smiling people wearing them. Must make you happy!
Tried to convince my hubby to go to the homeshow; but no luck.

Sheri said...

The sweaters look great! I love Shannon's sweater - I love Sirdar patterns in general!

Your luck sounds like Tim's. He and Kevin bought a new glass-top stove from The Bay. It was in the warehouse, so they didn't see it. When they got it home and took it out of the undamaged box the entire top of the stove was smashed plus there was a dent in the side. The repair guy came Friday to put a new top on it, and that had a chunk out of it, too! He's been without a stove for over a week now and not very happy.

Florida sounds good! We hope to go somewhere warm next March break. We can't this year, not with just getting the new truck.


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