03 March 2006

Good Movie

We did get to the movie last night, Eight Below, and it was really very good. Of course, a movie about dogs is bound to be a bit of a tearjerker and it definitely was! But we all enjoyed it and the scenery was gorgeous! And the meal at the Two Chefs was delicious. So all and all an enjoyable evening.

The 1-2 game in the Scott Tournament of Hearts is on now so I will go watch and knit some more on my Iriah Hiking Scarf. John wants me to finish it so I can start on the sweater for him. I probably will take it with me to Florida the end of March as I don't plan on working on his the way I did for the Olympic Knitting sweater!! We are going out for dinner this evening and I am taking the red slippers for Nancy. Len got his the last time we were there. So now they are a matched set!!

Bye bye for now.


Janey said...

Nice slippers! I'm sure they are warm and comfortable. (I haven't gotten over my downright HORROR of trying to shrink something on purpose. Too much trauma in my youth, associated with doing the laundry, to attempt felting I guess.)

I LOVE your sweater - OK, Shannon's sweater. It's gorgeous!

One of the advantages of the Knitting Olympics is finding all the "new" (new to me) knitting blogs. Yours is only the second Nova Scotian knitting blog I've found outside of Halifax.
I don't have one myself, but ... the temptation is certainly getting stronger.

Take care and happy continued knitting,
Janey (from Wolfville)

Sheri said...

I like the slippers a lot! I love the color.

Glad you liked the movie. April Wine was really good. We had excellent seats. They were tickets that CKBW gave away, so we knew they'd be prime seats.


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