13 March 2006

Sweater Progress

I took this picture of John's sweater on Saturday and forgot to post it, so it is about 11 inches long as of this evening and getting close to me adding the stripe(s) around the chest. I haven't decided on 1 or 2 stripes yet. After doing the Olympic sweater for Shannon with the pattern, I must admit, plain SS is really boring. But I do think it will look nice and he will love it, so it's worth it.

Yesterday I went to St.Margaret's Bay rink to help out with a CanSkate festival. I couldn't believe it when I left the rink around 2:30 to see the sun and the warm temperature.....14 celsuis!! Just beautiful and sooo springlike. And today was another nice sunny warm day!!

Last night we had Bruce and Melanie in for dinner. Pork tenderloin with apple, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and corn. I served a curried carrot soup as a starter and it was really delicious! Dessert was the ever popular Molten Chocclate cake from Super Store! Poor Bruce has a head cold and was feeling miserable so they didn't stay too late. But a lovely time was had by all.

Today I went to Bridgewater to have lunch with my friend Barb who is leaving Friday for 5 weeks in Florida. We had a lovely visit and I will miss our lunches and visits whilst she is away. However, we leave for our 2 weeks next Friday, so that will be a good time. Lauren and Mark are joining us for our first week there.I am sure there will be some shopping involved as well as beach time and eating out. I can guarentee that she will not be needing her Irish Hiking scarf down there. But she did say that it is her new favourite scarf!!

I'm off to watch some more curling.

Bye bye for now!

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