17 March 2006

New Yarn & Pattern

I am so excited! I went to Have A Yarn today and got the most gorgeous pattern and yarn and I can hardly wait to start! I really hope one of my girls likes the sweater because I am knitting it to fit one of them. If not, somebody is going to get a really gorgreous sweater.

The pictures don't do it justice or the colours, which are vibrant. but I think it will be really fun to knit.

I am making good progress on John's sweater. I have put in the stripes and started the V neck, so it is coming along nicely. I will take a picture when I get the front finished as it doesnt' look good on the round needles yet.

We are going in to Lanes tonight for a St.Patrick's Day party which is actually a fundraiser for the QASL board that I am on. I will be working at the door from 6 - 8 tonight and then I will be able to have some fun. Beer and Irish stew are going to be available. There is also a silent auction with lots of really lovely things up for auction. So hopefully we will raise lots of money for our organization!

So back to the Brier playoffs....they are playing wide open and it is a bit on the boring side. That's why I am taking this few minutes to post these pics.

Bye bye for now!


Sheri said...

That is going to be absolutely beautiful! I'm sure one of the girls will want it! I've never tried anything using that many colors. I do have a couple of fair isle sweater patterns I would like to try for myself, but none that involved! Hope you bring it in the store when it's finished so I can see it in person! :)

Shannon said...

I would never turn down a sweater that gorgeous :-) I'd have to take my purple one off though . . .


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