02 March 2006

Snowing Today

It is snowing outside and although it looks really pretty, I hope it stops soon as we are planning on going to the movie in Bridgewater this evening. We are also planning to go to the Two Chefs as it is Indian Buffet night. Yum Yum!! I love their Indian food!! We are going to see Eight Degrees, the Disney movie about the sled dogs in Antarctica. I am aniticipating a tear jerker and hope to remember tissues! John doesn't want to go, so I am going with the Byrnes and he can stay home and have leftovers.

I ended up taking out about 8 inches of my Irish Hiking scarf last night when I realized that 2 of the cables were 10 rows instead of 8 and although most people wouldn't notice, I can not bear to do something when I know there is an error in it. Now if I didn't notice, then it wouldn't be so bad, but unfortunately I did, so.... Anyway, I am now back to the part where I was before the frogging, so I should make progress now. The curling is just coming on and that's my plan for this afternoon.

I still haven't heard anything from Shannon about the sweater, so maybe she and Marilyn haven't connected yet. I am really hoping that it fits her!!

Bye bye for now!!


Sheri said...

Hope you get to go to the movie! I've seen ads for it, and it looks like it's a good one. I have a super soft spot for animals, and I bet I'd need tissues, too, especially since it's based on a true story.

We got free tickets to the April Wine concert at the Astor tonight. I like them, but I'd rather be going to Halifax to see Motley Crue! I'm not feeling well, so I hope I can last the whole concert.

Our yellow truck went to live in Bridgewater today. Logan is quite upset that the "Nana Big Truck" is missing. We are going tomorrow to get the Pete, so that should make him happy! He may even get to drive from the Valley to Bridgewater in it!

Dorothy said...

Hope you got to the movie. It's one I want to see as well; will wait for it on DVD though. (our theatre sucks!)

I'm liking the hiking scarf. I think my SIL and her hubby may get matching scarves for Christmas next year.

Debbie said...

Very impressed that you are now an award winning gold Olympian !!! How does the Inaian compare with the Rajpoot ?


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