28 February 2006

My Gold Medal

I will admit again that I am an extremely competitive person and am very proud of my Knitting Olympics accomplishment. That said, I got my gold medal and have, after a huge amount of time and effort, managaed to post it on my blog! Ta da!! Check it out on my sidebar!!

Today was a quiet day, took the dogs for a few walks in the crisp cold but sunny weather and visited my friend Gloria who is tied up. or down, with a broken ankle and no weight bearing for 6 weeks. She is being a good sport about the whole thing and has used some of the down time to knit toe warmers for all the other people who need casts in the cold weather. She must have done about 15 pair by now. All colours and sizes. They are going to our hospital and the Valley Regional where her specialist is.

I am going to finish up the slippers for Nancy and watch the curling for a while.

Bye bye for now!


Dorothy said...

I once knit 50 toe warmers for the IWK.

Congrats on the gold medal!

Mary Anne said...


congratulations on your Gold! That is one beautiful purple sweater.

Barbara said...

Congratulations on Your Gold Medal!!!

Lauren said...

Congratulations Mom......I never doubted that you'd finish it! Shan will love her new sweater, and she'll look great in it. I have to say I love the Irish hiking scarf you're working on. Better save some time for baby blankets!


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