20 March 2006

The First Day of Spring

Well here it is, Monday, March 20, the first day of spring and it is coooold out there. But at least we know that spring is on the way and we shouldn't have too much more of winter.

Miss Cleo, our old Airedale, had a birthday on St. Patrick's day and turned 15! And a few days before that she was at the vet for a dental cleaning and removal of a bad tooth! She is doing really well and definitely feels better now. I was so unsure of having this done at her age, but they told me she had to feel miserable with that grungy mouth so I bit the bullet and had it done and she is great! This time last year she was in Florida with us and was quite the traveller. On Friday we leave for 2 weeks down there and we are flying so Miss Cleo will stay home with my dogsitter Debra and Mags goes off to the boarders in Italy Cross. Maggie thinks she is going to camp and just loves it there!! Cleo thinks of it as the gestapo, so hence the arrangements. Eventually we will just use the boarder. But for now I am so lucky to have Debra come and stay with Cleo.

We went to the St.Patrick's day party put on by QASL at Lanes on Friday and had a great time. I am on this board and it is really a great organization and does such wonderful work. I must say it is one of the most rewarding groups I have ever been involved with.

And on Saturday night we had more friends in for dinner and on Sunday we stayed home and watched the curling. I got the front finished and have about 6 inches left of the back to do on John's sweater. We have a new coffee table in the den and that is what I am taking the pictures on. It has a glass top so there is sometimes a reflection issue. But it is a nice flat space to take pics on.

Now I am trying to decide what project to take to Florida with me.....finish John's sweater down there and start something new, or just take the new sweater and finish up John's when I get home? Because of all the weight restrictions on baggage now, I will probably start the new sweater rather than take so much extra yarn!

I'm off to finish my Monday morning chores and then to town to do some errands.

Bye bye for now!!

PS The stupid program won't upload my picture so I will do it later.

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Sheri said...

Good luck trying to decide what knitting to take with you on your trip! Looking forward to seeing some sunny Florida pictures!

We're having a sale in the yarn department at the store. I'm not sure exactly when. I think we are going with 15% off, plus there may be a couple of other "featured" yarns that will be 25% off. You'll have to see if there's any Classic Wool you need! There will be an ad in The Advance, plus I'll let you know when it starts, too. I would imagine it will be next month sometime.


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