27 March 2006

Hi from Florida

We arrived here on Saturday and got all settled in our condo with groceries etc. before Lauren and Mark arrived at 8 that evening. Then out to Shells for dinner. That is a bit of a tradition for us on our first night in Florida. The weather was a little on the cool side, but much warmer than home so we weren't complaining.

I worked on my striped sweater on the plane and some since we have been here and it is coming along really well. I am so pleased with it! And it is fun to knit!!

My time is almost up here on this computer so I must go. I can bring my laptop here next time and use their wireless connection so I will be able to upload pictures of our view and also my progress on the sweater. Till then.....

Bye bye for now!!


Sheri said...

I must not have gotten my mail Friday or else I would have known there were training exercises in town on the weekend! There were notices in the mail, which I got today!

Our yarn sale is running til April 15. We are having 15% off any Ball 'n Skein items, no matter if they are already on sale or not. Good time to get any Classic Wool if you need it!

Hope you are having a nice time. It's been really nice here and should stay sunny and get warmer through the week. I think Thursday it's calling for sun and +12!

Looking forward to your pictures!

Dorothy said...

Glad you made it OK. Enjoy yourselves. Don't get any sand in your knitting ;)

Shannon said...

Ha ha ha I'm glad you ate at Shells. I bet it was yummy. I remember when you took me there :-) Enjoy the rest of your trip and take LOTS of pictures!


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