24 March 2006

Florida Bound

Well we are off shortly for 2 weeks in sunny (I hope) Florida. I am almost all packed and am just deciding what goes where. It is a pain to stay at the airport hotel the night before because I need clothes for today and then summerish stuff for tomorrow. Anyway it will be done.

I have decided to take the new sweater for the plane, (I started it last night), and pack the sleeves to work on whilst we are down there. then if I finish the sleeves I will have something else to pick up. Plus the sleeves need row counting and increasing and would be harder to concentrate on at the airport and aboard the plane. So that is decided.

I am taking my trusty digital camera and hope the rechargable battery will work. I had to discard my first one last week as it would no longer hold a charge. But if it is an issue, I am sure I can get one at a Sony store down there. I hope to have an internet connection to post nice warm pictures on my blog!! And progress with the knitting of course. And maybe even a picture of Miss Lauren and Mark!! If we don't have a connection in our condo, I will have to search one out. I am taking my laptop with the wireless connection, so I should be able to get online somewhere!
That's it.

Bye bye for now!!

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Sheri said...

Have a safe and fun trip! Looking forward to seeing some nice, sunny pics!


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