02 February 2006

Twice in one day!!

I took these pictures of Maggie out playing in the snow on our deck. She was trying to dig to China I think!

She had a wonderful time!! Too bad we are supposed to get rain the next few days and lose all our beautiful snow!

I was talking to the car dealer today and they said my car is ready except for one little part that might be in the order that arrived late this afternoon and if so, I can get my SUV back where it belongs. I will have to return the van to the Enterprise people and then my life is my own. I must say I was very impressed with them and will definitely look into using them the next time we rent a car!! The service was excellent and that is the best way to get new customers! Also the Acura people were just wonderful and so helpful. You just can't beat good service.
So if my vehicle is ready, that means a trip to the city and a wee bit of shopping and probably lunch as well. Look out Costco and Staples!!

Bye bye for now.

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