02 February 2006

The morning after

Well, we got hit as hard as I would like to see. There were about 20 inches of the white stuff and more in the places where it drifts. John was up and at 'em and had the snowblower going for its first official run. It took us about 3 hours, John doing most of it, to get the driveway cleared out and paths to the appropriate doors done, but it looks great!! I am so impressed!! And our lawn didn't get all goudged up as it did when snowplow guy did us.
The girls love the snow. Cleo is too old to frolic when it is so deep, but she loves to get her face in the snow. And it was even too deep for Miss Mags to frolic. I threw snowballs for her, but she would get bogged down and have to come back. I just love watching them play in the snow. I remember when Cleo was young, she would get so excited everytime it snowed. It was like it snowed just for her.

This is a view of our back door:

And this is looking out the front door:

I had a successful day as well......I finished inputting my competition for the weekend and finished most of Len's second slipper. I should finish it tonight and then must start on a pair for Lauren as she tells me that hers have a hole now. And, speaking of Lauren, she says that a waitress in Edmondston tells her that she is having a girl on July 22. The waitress didn't even know Lauren or could see that she is pregnant as she isn't showing yet. Apparently she has some kind of sixth sense about pregnancy and is usually right. So should I start knitting pink things?

Gotta run. Bye Bye for now.

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Sheri said...

Looks like we are in for a real mess over the next three days - rain and warm temps! All this snow will turn to lovely ice. I was hoping to finish the front of my baby sweater last night, but my forearms and elbows started hurting really badly. I had to stop. (Let me tell you it's got to be bad to make me stop knitting!) I blamed it on the shovelling earlier in the day.

Know of any yarn shops in Lunenburg? I have to go there later this afternoon. Darren has a doctor's appointment at Fisherman's. He goes every couple of months for his ADHD.


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