27 February 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf

Well the Olympics have come and gone and thank goodness for the Scott Tournament of Hearts to keep me occupied for the next week. Going off the Olympics so abruptly could possibly cause serious side effects. I admit that I was totally caught up in the Olympics, and the fact that I was doing the Knitting Olympics and am a very competitive person, only made me more determined to watch and finish my sweater. So a few curling games this week will help prevent the lack of international competition syndrome.

Last night I started my last pair of slippers, for the near future anyway. I promised these to my friend Nancy and got sidetracked with the Olympics, so I am knitting these and then finishing the Irish Hiking Scarf

When this is finished I will start the sweater for John. It's a V neck pullover in a nice denim blue. I think it will be very smart when it is done. I am going to feed the girls supper now and then we are off to the Hall for the Pancake Supper there!!

Bye bye for now!


Sheri said...

Scarf is looking good! I supposed you are getting excited for the world figure skating in three weeks (?) time in Calgary (?). I'm not doing anything too heavy duty right now. I haven't been knitting a whole lot since finishing my Olympic socks. I did finish Darren's socks and am working the leftovers into a sample for the store. I'm also trying to get Heather's scarf finished. I want to finish up some little, unfinished things before I start anything too serious. I also bought three skeins of hand-dyed sock yarn on eBay. I can't wait to get it!

Shannon said...

I love the scarf . . . it looks so thick and warm and cozy :-)

Yum yum yum pancakes are delicious . . . hope you had real maple syrup on them!!


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