31 January 2006

Northeasterly winter storm!!

We are all snug and warm in our house whilst the wind roars and blows and the snow accumulates outside. It is our first snowstorm of the season and I am quite enjoying it. I am taking my "in house" time to get a skating competition on the computer and hope to have it all done tomorrow. It is a CanSkate Festival and they have categories not recognized by our competition program, so much of the data has to be entered by manually. A huge pain but the little ones love it, so it is worth the time and trouble.

I finally finished the soaker for Shannon's David. I have no idea if it will fit him or not, but it went off in the mail on Monday morning!! It really isn't that attractive, but if it does the job, then I'll be happy. Here is a picture:

I am now working on the slippers for Len & Nancy. I should have Len's ready by Saturday when we are invited to their house for dinner. That will make a nice hostess gift!! They are grey and red and should be very smart when they are felted.
I just remembered that I am also supposed to knit a pair for Lauren, and I should have the pattern memorized by the time I am through!! Speaking of Lauren, it is her 30th birthday on Thursday!! Our little groundhog day baby!!


lexa said...

The soaker looks like it turned out nicely! We've been lucky this winter, this being our first "real" storm! I'm supposed to work tomorrow, but I daresay school will be cancelled, so I won't be in til Friday. I got the back of the baby sweater finished and am starting the front tonight. Good night fer knittin'!

Dorothy said...

The soaker looks nice. Wish I had thought to knit things like that for my kids when they were younger; don't think they would appreciate them now at 11 and 9 :)
Good luck getting the CanSkate stuff done!
And be careful if you have to venture out.


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