20 February 2006

Monday morning

Here it is, Monday morning and I am home from Port Hawkesbury. And really glad to be here. That was a long drive, and we didn't get away from the rink until 5:15 so it was 10:35 by the time we stopped in Truro for something to eat and then I ran into Bridgewater to drop John D. ( a new accountant to NS from NL ) off at his house and on home. Then we had to unload all the stuff from my truck and it is all stacked up beside the closet waiting for me to put it away.....3 boxes of paper, 3 big RubberMaid containers, and 2 large boxes with printers. Plus 2 computer bags and various small things!! I will be glad to pass this on to the next NS Accountants Chair!!

Everything went well at the competiton....we had 55 categories and 281 skaters, so it was a long weekend, but the kids had a great time and that makes it was worth it!

I did get a little knitting done and we had a computer hookup at the rink, so we were able to keep up with the curling and figure skating. ( I think I should have stayed home because our teams didn't do too well without me sitting in my in LazyBoy chair knitting and watching.) However, I am here now and anticipate good things from now on!!

I will probably finish the body of the sweater today... I have a couple of inches to do on the back, then start the collar decrease and finish the front. By tomorrow I should be ready to start the sleeves, so it will be a challenge to get it finished by Sunday,,, but we will see!!

Here is the latest picture of the sweater....my battery died so I had to take put it on the dog's crate because that is where the charger is plugged in. But you can still see the progress.

Bye bye for now!!


Dorothy said...

Welcome home!
Glad the weekend went well. Long drive though.

Dorothy said...

Trust me, it's a fake organized so far :) Flying by the seat of my pants is more like it LOL

Sorry you had to frog 24 rows. Even if no one else would have noticed, you would have known, and that's all that matters!

What a nice day out there today. Just had our dog for a walk, then shone my sink the flylady way :)

Sheri said...

The sweater looks gorgeous! I hope to have my sock finished today, tomorrow at the latest. I then want to concentrate on finishing up a couple of things that I have on the go before starting anything new.

Daddy is hoping that both boys will be Wayne Gretzkies! I think he'd faint if they said they wanted to figure skate! My attitude is let them play what they want to play. I'd never force them to do something they didn't want to do. They take after us, though, and I think are a little on the big and clumsy side for figure skating. Think they'll be built more for hockey or football!

Debbie said...

Donna, it's absolutely gorgeous ! Love the colour, love the pattern, am seriously impressed ! Gotta go, and send birthday girl greetings !


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