22 February 2006

Day 12 Good & Bad

This has not been a good day for our women curlers and our men's hockey team. However, the men's curling team qualified for the gold medal game and they all actually curled like they can and normally do. And then we got 2 gold and a silver medal in cross country skiing and speed skatingF!! Yeah! Rah!Rah!
Yesterday I had a pedicure and a hair appointment in Bridgewater and then bridge last night, so not a lot of knitting done. I did manage to get the sleeves cast on and the ribbing done. Today was bowling this morning and then a few errands before coming home to watch the men's curling and knit. Tonight is going to be quiet and I hope to get several inches done on the sleeves. But they have to be increased every 5th row and so it just seems like the sleeves are getting wider but not much longer. Shan has long arms, so I have to add a couple of inches to the length. She also turns 33 tomorrow so Happy Birthday Shannon!

Heather called me from Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay yesterday to say that the Gatto Wool for John's sweater had arrived. I may go down tomorrow to get it and pick up a couple of extra balls of the purple, just to be on the safe side. I would hate to be on the last stretch on Sunday and find out I am short of wool!! If I actually get that far. I am still optimistic that I will finish the sweater, but ........

Bye bye for now!!

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