14 February 2006

Day 4 Sweater is a 14 inches

Well, I have a problem with my sweater. I decided to do it on round needles and have made great progress. I am now at the 14 inch mark and checked the pattern for armhole ahaping. There is no armhole shaping. And I am usually so good about reading the pattern before I start. I must have been too excited to get started. Anyway, the sweater knits up to the neck and shoulder shaping and the sleeve is a drop sleeve I think. You sew the sleeve in from the shoulder seam and then sew up the sides. So now I am working back & forth on the front and will have to have a seam part way up the sweater. Hopefully it will be far enough up and under the armpit not to be noticed. A minor snag, but I figure this should work out ok.

I also had to go to the doctor today so she could write out a referral for me to see my eye doctor. What a waste of time. So now I have to wait for them to call with an appoihtment. I must say I hope sooner rather than later as my prescription really needs to be changed. I have to take my glasses off to do any close work or reading and then back on to see the TV or computer screen. Huge pain in the neck and I mean that!!

Then home to make a root vegetable casserole for a pot luck tonight!! I must say that it was delicious!!

Tomorrow I am off to the city with my friend who is getting her hair cut short and trying out wigs. She is having her second round of chemo next week so she has to decide one way or another what to do about a wig. She asked me to come along because she wants an honest opinion and she trusts me to give her one. I will be taking the sweater along to knit in the car and waiting rooms!!

So now I am just checking a few things on the computer and then going to knit some more.

Bye bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, hope you guys had a good day in Halifax, and no more storms to have to cope with. My bulbs are poking through... tulips and daffs about...oh......10 days away. Just thought you'd like to know...


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