13 February 2006

Day 3

It is Monday morning and I am watching the curling....Canada is not having a great game to this point. Apparently the third is sick. I am taking a break from my knitting to update the past few days.
Friday we headed into the city and had a miserable drive in a mini snowstorm that went up the shore with us. I did manage to get my needles in Mahone Bay so I was a happy camper. I then started my sweater, it was 3 p.m., and knit the whole way to Halifax, in the hotel room before dinner and after dinner. By bedtime I was just about finished the ribbing!! We went out to dinner at Seven with two couples and we all had a wonderful meal. Then the diehards went back to the Convention and Peggy and I had dessert before going back to the hotel.
The next morning I went to my meeting for 10 a.m. and told everyone about the Knitting Olympics and proceded to knit for almost the entire meeting, which ended at 7 p.m.!! I got a lot of knitting done!! We then decided to head home instead of staying over, as they were predicting this latest storm. So when I got up yesterday morning, it was storming and I plunked myself down in front of the TV and watched Olympics for most of the day. Here is how far I was by midafternoon.

Our dinner guest for that evening cancelled, so John and I had a lovely stuffed pork dinner with lots left over for tonight!! And then back to my lazy boy chair, knitting and more TV. I confess I watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy!

Tonight I have bridge, so I have to watch the men's curling this afternoon and hope to get lots done. I must say I am pleased with how much I have done. I think I have almost 11 inches done by now!! So, back to the curling!!

Bye bye for now!!

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Debbie said...

I am so impressed ! Love the pattern, and yes, Shannon, you are lucky to have a Mom who knits !
So, Donna, when are you going to knit something for YOURSELF!!!!!


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