24 February 2006

Curling Gold!!

Today is the day we Canadians have been waiting for......the men won the gold medal at the Olympics!! I spent much of the day watching the curling and knitting. I now have about 14 inches on the sleeves of my sweater. And the USA won the bronze medal this morning!! So it was a great day at my house.

I dashed into town between games to do some errands. I had to go to the accountants' office to sign some forms and so I ran next door to Memory Lane to check out their new sock yarn. Sheri was there with her gold medal socks and they looked great. Much more detail than you can see in her pics! Maybe that will be one of my summer projects.

It is snowing and looks really pretty out there. John arrived home around 5 and said it was slippery so we are staying in with the fire going all snug and warm, and probably get some more knitting done.

Bye bye for now.

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Debbie said...

It looks lovely, Donna ! A gentle reminder, though, to update your "about me" section on your blog blurb...because now you have TWO grandsons !!!!!!
Lovely photos of the Rideau Canal on A Crafty Mom's blog, weren't they ?


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