09 January 2006

Paul's Sweater finished!!

I finally finished Paul's sweater!!! It looks really great and I even got the zipper in and it looks ok and it works too!!
Yea!!! The picture is not great and the colour is taupe not gray, but.....dadah:

I am leaving Wednesday morning for Ottawa and the Canadian Skating Championships. i will also have time to deliver the sweater and visit with the little ones whilst I am up there. I am going to take my Irish Hiking scarf with me and hope to get it done there. Or maybe not, after not being able to knit at all at the curling. So nothing more from me for a week.

Bye bye for now.


Sheri said...

Sweater looks gorgeous! Have fun at the skating championships! I finally finished that sock yarn baby sweater. I may have a pic posted later today. If not, check when you get back. Now I've started a felted bucket hat using the pattern you gave me.

Dorothy said...

Just found your blog completely by accident, but am enjoying reading it.
I'm from the south shore of NS as well.

Dorothy said...

Me again.
I just finished reading through your blog, looking at all the nice things you have knit.
The boiled mittens that you knit, do you have a pattern, or do you just "fake it"? I've been trying to find a free pattern for them.


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