27 January 2006

Car Woes

Ok my resolution to post more often has fallen by the wayside already. I have all sorts of excuses.....I am knitting really boring things, getting addicted to web sudoku, tied up with car insurance people since my SUV got rear ended in Halifax on Monday!! What a pain!! I was on my way to an appointment with a sports medicine doctor about my knee/foot issue and was stopped in a line of traffic on Robie Street when this guy in a Ford Explorer rams into the back of my truck. Loud thud!! But fortunatly I saw him coming and was prepared for it. However, as there were cars in front of me, I had nowhere to go. so I sat there and watched him plow into me. A very nice man, he was apparently looking in his rear view mirror watching the guy behind him run the red light and voila....there I am. Anyway, we exchanged info and as my vehicle didn't seem to be to badly damaged, I headed off to my appointment. On the way however, I noticed a noise that didn't sound right so I parked and looked under my car.....the muffler was driven into the back tire. I called the Acura people and they sent a guy over with a loaner car and took mine to the shop. After my appointment, I went to the dealership to pick up my vehicle, only to learn that it was not drivable. They arranged with Enterprise Rental Cars to get me a vehicle to take home. So now I am driving home to Hunts Point in a Dodge van in the middle of a snowstorm. No 4 wheel drive of course and it was dark and took 3 hours to make the drive that normally takes 1 1/2 hours!! Not a happy camper. The next day I call my insurance company to report that I had been rear ended and that the other guy had already called his insurance company and they tell me then there is nothing for them to do as his insurance will look after it. I believe them. By Wednesday afternoon late, I have heard nothing from anyone so I call the Acura dealer to see what is going on with my car and find out that nobody has been in touch with them. Again I call my insurance company and am told that I should call the guy who rammed into me again and get the name of his agent and talk to him. That evening I call him, get all the info and a 24 hour phone number and leave messages there. Next day, still no phone calls, so I call his guy again and actually speak to him!! Come to find out he has been waiting for my insurance people to contact him!! Grrrr! Anyway, the phone lines were burning and by afternoon I had a guy from my insurance company looking after everything and assuring me that all would be fixed asap!! But I am very bitter about all the time and effort I had to put in to get this looked after and I can assure you that we will be getting a new car insurance company!!

So that is my tale of woe.

On the knitting side, I have finished another pair of slippers for a friend and have started the soaker for Shannon. It is a free download off the web and the instructions were a bit on the confusing side and there is no picture so I am not sure exactly how they are supposed to look. I am knitting it with Briggs & Little 80% wool 20% nylon. The pattern called for a mix for some reason, rather than all wool. I hope to finish it by Monday and send it off in the mail. If it fits and she is pleased with it, it will not be such a struggle to knit more.
And our friends the Perrys want a pair of slippers each, so I guess it will be a while longer before I can work on my Irish Hiking scarf or the sweater for Mark.

There, that should be enough so,
Bye bye for now!!


lexa said...

Sorry to hear about your accident - at least you didn't get hurt. You don't need to tell me anything about insurance companies! The accident with our big rig was over 7 months ago, and we still haven't gotten anything from it!!! I just got through e-mailing head office about it for the third time. I told Travis I wanted to get a lawyer, but he doesn't want to.... Looking forward to seeing the completed soaker!

Shelley said...

Hello from next door in New Brunswick! Saw your link on another blog and thought I'd stop in and say hi. Sorry to hear about the accident.


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