03 January 2006

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution is to update this blog at least twice a week. I have been knitting a sweater for my SIL Paul with alpaca wool and it is really going to be lovely, but it is taupe in colour and just plain stocking stitch so really nothing to see. So there really wasn't much to post. Plus I have done a pair of black boiled wool mittens hat for Lauren and of course she took them home with her before I got a picture. Maybe she will model them and send me a picture to post. She did!!
What a nice daughter I have:

I then did a pair of black slippers for a friend which I will post but....... boring.


And after!

Anyway I have reached the sewing in of the first sleeve and will sew in the second one tonight and then will work on the neck and then voila! it too will be done. And then I will start SIL Mark's sweater!! Dark brown wool and a basketweave pattern so it may be ok.

I also have just finished a boiled wool hat for another friend. I haven't felted it yet and I used a different wool, ao I really hope it shrinks down ok. I will confess to be a little nervous about felting it because the yarn was very expensive and my friend paid for it. I will take a picture when I do get it felted assuming it turns out the way it should.

Bye Bye for now!!

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Sheri said...

Thought you fell off the face of the earth again!!! It's so cool how things felt and shrink and actually look and turn out the way they should be! That hat looks like a bell right now - can't wait to see the "after" pic! That hiking scarf pattern is super easy. It doesn't call for fringes, but I added them to mine for fun. My left hand is quite cramped now from the cabling. I'm trying to work on a plain old Brazilia scarf, but I may have to stop for the night.


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