14 December 2005

Head Cold

I sat beside a very nice lady from Sudbury ON at the curling last week. She had a head cold and now I have a head cold. Having just got over one a couple of weeks ago, I am not a happy camper.

I didn't get any knitting done the 10 days I was away. It was far too cramped in the Metro Centre to knit and I was too tired by the time we got back to our hotel at night. We did have a great time, met lots of nice people, and ate some really wonderful meals. And met many of the curlers! Great fun!!

Anyway, I am now back home and knitting on Paul's sweater. I have finished the body and am working on the sleeves. I am doing them together in the hope that they are both the same length when I am finished. The sweater is really soft and warm, so I hope it fits him!!

I am off to town later today and will stop in Memory Lane to pick up the yarn Sheri put aside for me. Lauren and Mark are coming for the weekend and I hope to finish her hat so I can felt it whilst she is here.

Bye Bye for now.


Sheri said...

Glad you had fun and are still in the land of the living!! Curling is one sport that I cannot get into. I don't really watch any sports, unless Travis is watching it. Darren has expressed interest in curling, but I don't think they let them start here til age 10, and he will only be 6 in January. We really need kiddie rocks! Anyways, if he wants to play I better learn to like it, I guess! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the sweater you're working on.

Shannon said...

We would like some more photos please??

How is the sweater looking??

Does your family have any exciting news that you should be sharing???


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