02 December 2005

Curling Update

I have been so busy trying to get John's books to the accountants office that I haven't been posting here. Anyway, that is all done and now I am in the city for a week to watch the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials. John and I came to stay at the Westin tonight for his company Christmas party and lo and behold!! many of the curlers are staying here!! I saw Kevin Martin in the lobby earlier and then as we were going up to our room, we stopped to talk to Ken Anthony when the Ferby team arrived back from the opening banquet and he (Ken) took my picture with the team!!!!! I met Dave Nedohin and Randy Ferby and stood between the front end and the Skip for the picture. I just hope Ken can email it to me and remembers to send it!!

Saturday we are having breakfast here in the hopes of seeing more curlers and then John heads home and I set off to the Mariott Residence Inn to check in and meet Marilyn for the afternoon draw. Looking forward to a great week of curling.

I did of course bring my knitting. I am ready to start the sleeves for Paul's sweater and bought some Galway yarn, taupe coloured, to knit cabled boiled wool mittens for me. And then when I get home I will go to Memory Lane to get some black wool to do the bucket hat for Lauren. Thats it.

Bye bye for now.

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Sheri said...

Thought you fell off the face of the earth! Have fun watching the curling. My oldest wants to play, but they don't have kiddie rocks here, so he can't start til he's ten (four more years). Wish they'd get kiddie rocks. I know we have the black, so I'll get Shelly to put two aside. I'm in Wed and Fri til 2:30. We are having Customer Appreciation Day on Friday. Maybe see you next week!


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