17 November 2005

Home again

I have been home from Ottawa for a week now and will admit to enjoying the quiet. Shannon definitely has her hands full with these two little boys!! David is a really good baby, eats,sleeps and isn't fussy. But Peter is a typical toddler who has probably entered the terrible twos a bit early. He is a ball of energy and constantly in motion. There will be no problem with losing her baby weight! Most of it was gone before I left!!

We found a pattern and yarn to knit a sweater for Paul whilst I was there. We went to a lovely yarn shop called Wool Time and it had lots of yarns and very helpful people working there. I bought some alpaca wool for the sweater and it is so soft. It is going to be gorgeous.

Yesterday I went to the shop in Mahone Bay to pick up the yarn they had ordered in for Mark's sweater. A dark brown wool and also gorgeous. I will have to finish Paul's sweater first. I am doing it on round needles so it should go a bit faster. But with 4 mm needles it will take a while.

I also asked Hearther about the felted bucket hat I had made for Lauren. We finally decided the pattern had an error in it and only the first 6 rows should have been knit with 2 strands and the rest with 1 strand. The pattern called for the whole thing to be done with 2 strands so it was huge. No wonder I couldn't get it to felt down properly. I must admit I am glad it was an error in the pattern and that I hadn't lost it or made some stupid mistake. Unfortunately they were out of the black Galway yarn they were going to give me to replace what I had used, so I will have to wait to do the hat for Lauren. I could try the wool at Memory Lane, (it really felted up beautifully when I tried it,) but I want the mitts and hat to be a set so I feel I should use the same brand so they felt the same.

I did find enough odds and ends of wool in my leftover stash to do a slipper for Paul in grey and black. Apparently one of his was destroyed but the other was fine so I did that and will get it off in the mail. I slso picked up the aweaters for Peter that I had left at the shop as samples so I will send those off with the slipper.

I will take pictures of the new projects soon.

Bye bye for now.

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Sheri said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new projects. I know what Shannon is going through with two boys! I didn't realize that she had them both at home with a midwife til I went on her blog and looked back through her archives. Cool!

I had the opposite problem with a lady with a felted buttonhole bag. She only used two strands for the bottom but was supposed to use two strands throughout. It wouldn't felt hardly at all. She bought some more wool to retry it, but I haven't seen her since to see if it worked or not.

Must go - someone didn't nap today and is getting very, very cranky!


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