01 September 2005

Felted Mittens

I finished the mittens for Debbie and felted them this evening. The pictures are too small to show the numbers on the yardstick. The top pair almost 14 inches and the bottom pair are about 10 inches after having been felted.I don't know if they will ever dry with all the humidity!!! However, I refuse to whine and complain what with all that is going on in the southern US. The devestation is just so unbelievable!! We spent a week in New Orleans years ago and heard all the stories about it being below sea level and what might happen there some day. I don't think anybody actually ever really imagined anything even remotely this terrible!! It was such a lovely place and the French Quarter was so much fun just to wander through!!Hard to see the pictures and video clips now. I can only imagine what the residents of that city are going through!!
We leave for the UK a week from tonight and so I have to dig out another project to work on until we leave. I am taking braindead scarves to work on in the plane and car. Maybe I will dig out the shawl I have had sitting out of sight and get that finished.
Bye Bye for now.

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Shannon said...

Gorgeous, but I'm biased as I have several pairs of these :-)

I'll have to take some photos to send in the fall when I pull out my winter wear - you could do an entire blog just on what you've knitted for me living up here in COLD Ottawa! They're all in good condition so I'll e-mail them to you in a month or two . . .

p.s. Don't forget my slippers, pretty please?


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