05 September 2005

Gold Shawl: to Fringe or not to Fringe

Well I finished the shawl and it is not my favourite thing. When I bought the yarn and the gold and cream coloured chips in Florida, it looked like it would turn out to be quite funky. It is just garter stitch but the yarn is a combination with gold and knotty yarn and laddered all together and I thought it would look better. Anyway, my question now is to fringe or not to fringe. I don't have enough of the original to only use that, but I could probably get some gold to add to it to make it look ok. The pictures are ok but I am just not sure about the fringe.

We are getting closer to our trip to the UK ( we leave on Sept.8 and return Sept 24 ) so there won't be much posted here during that time. I do hope to be able to use my sister's computer in Bath to do an update, but after that I am at the mercy of Internet cafes etc. I am taking my camera and a few brain dead knitting projects to keep me busy on the plane and in the car so I should have lots to post when I get back.

We are having the most beautiful weather and I hate to be leaving NS at this time of year as it is by far our best season.

Anyway, enough and bye bye for now!!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I like it but I would go with no fringe. I think it would look really nice on someone, but it is not really my colour. Is it for Lauren?


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