29 August 2005

Varigated Sweater

This is the sweater for Debra's daughter. I think it is too cute and suitable for either sex that arrives.
I am now going to start the boiled wool mitts for my sister who lives in Bath. Do you think it is cold enough there to need them? Well, her husband does and suggested navy so here we go!
Bye Bye for now.


Sheri said...

Very Nice! I am working on another hoodie with a front pouch pocket like yours for the store. It's in Sirdar Snowflake. I don't really care for that yarn to be honest. It's the first time I've used it, and I find it irritating to work with. End result is nice, but not a very flowing yarn. Never did a pouch pocket before. May need some advice!

Shannon said...

Cute and colourful - I like the pouch, very kangaroo-like!


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