28 August 2005

New computer!

It is Sunday morning and I am trying to get up the nerve to hook up my new computer. I have spent the last few days saving everything I could possibly want to either my portable hard drive or burning it to disks. Hopefully I have got everything! Then I have to reinstall all the programs etc. to get my life back to the computer version of normal.

In the knitting area, I am almost finished a little Top Down for Toddlers sweater for my cleaning lady's daughter, who is due in December. Just have to do the second cuff and sew in lose ends and then block it. I think I will do a pair of boiled wool mittens to take to my sister in Bath when we go. We leave on the 8th so I only have about 10 days. And it takes time for the mitts to dry once I have felted them. So hopefully the computer changeover goes well!!
Bye Bye for now.

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Shannon said...

Hope things go well with the new computer - I know it's a big job. Boiled wool mitts for Debbie? Does it even get that cold in England????

Picture of shawl is coming this week, I promise, and then Pete modeling his other sweater works-of-art!


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