05 May 2011

A Slight Whinge

Ok.  When we were on vacation I spent the first week in Hawaii, (the second week of our trip) sick with a horrid bout of gastroenteritis. Six days I was down and out with it.  But I was a good sport and didn’t complain. Too much.

Now we are home, and the second day here, I come down with the head cold from hell.  I can’t breath, my sinuses are full, my eyes hurt, my throat is sore and it hurts to cough. (which I am doing a fair amount of). 

So tell me, what the heck have I done to p*** off the gods of good health enough to deserve this?  I can’t even concentrate to freaking knit, for heaven’s sake!

Plus something is wrong with our water purifying system and we have no water pressure.  The plumber was here this morning and says that is the issue.  So now we are waiting on someone from Halifax to come tomorrow and hopefully fix it.  And what little bit of water we do have is full of rust!  So,I haven’t even been able to wash anything this week.

OK. Whinge over. But I am still feeling sorry for myself.

Sad smile Sad smile

1 comment:

Frieda said...

Spring colds can be the worst , hope you feel better soon !


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