15 March 2011


This is going to be a random mishmash post. A little bit of this and that. No theme. Just rambling.

1.  Like the rest of the world, at our house we watch the news avidly and just cannot believe the absolute horror of what is happening in Japan.  The humungous earthquake, the devastating tsunami and now the nuclear reactors blowing up!  What can we do to help?  Not a whole lot, but we donate money to the Red Cross and hope and pray that things get better soon.

2. The Brier (curling) is over and Manitoba won.  They are not my favourite team, but they played better than any team there and truly deserved to win!  Go worlds!  And I got a fair amount of knitting done.  Just about 4 inches left to go on the body of my Peasy sweater!

3.  Staying with sports, it appears the World Figure Skating Championships to be held in Tokyo Japan have been cancelled.  I totally understand but feel so sorry for all the athletes who have worked so hard to compete there this year.

4.  It is sunny and lovely out.  Cool, but you can tell spring is in the air!  And my dogs love sprawling out in the sun in our den.


5.  DH and I have both had a touch of the stomach flu these past few days.  Nothing serious.  Just feeling blechy.  And I do think blechy should be a word in the dictionary.  I can’t be the only one in the world to use blechy!

6.  I started playing Lexulous on FB with a friend of mine and I totally enjoy it.  Anyone who wants to play, I am only starting and my rating fluctuates, but right now I am 1370ish.

7.  I went to Sagor’s Bookstore in Bridgewater the other day, looking for a particular book.  They carry a lot of wonderful knitting books, which I had forgotten, and the lovely lady who works there is now my friend on Ravelry,  GooGoo.  She is a knitter, hence the great supply of knitting books.  So I bought two:

The first is Sock Club and there are at least 12 patterns in there that I would love to knit.  These are socks that have been designed for sock clubs and not released to the general public.


The second, which she ordered for me and which arrived yesterday is Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders.  I figured this would be a good source of ideas for some of my sock yarn, so I can put a dent in my stash!


8.  And speaking of books, last week I received this in the mail.


It is a sock pattern book by Hunter Hammersen and is based on oriental rug patterns.  I have done a couple of her patterns and so pre-ordered the book months ago.  There are some lovely patterns, one of which I am showing here!

9.  I am currently knitting another pair of slippers for DD2 as once again she has worn out a pair.  This time I am going to sew the suede soles on them and see if that will make a difference!


lexa said...

I'll have to take a look at the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. That would be a handy to have.

lockeportknitter said...

Hi Donna I love your blog and the photos. Just want to say 'Thank you!' for introducing me to Ravelry that day we met at Have a Yarn. I have just posted my first projects there and it feels very cool. Happy Spring!


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