07 October 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we are busy with family and friends for the next five days. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all have much to be thankful for!



Here is one small thing that I have to be thankful for:

My English friends, M & N spent some time at Wimbledon recently and sent me this postcard.  Now to them, it is just a postcard!  But to me, living here in rural Nova Scotia who is likely never to get to Wimbledon, it is a souvenir from the hallowed grounds of the most famous tennis center in the world, with a picture of Roger Federer, holding his Wimbledon Championship trophy and wearing his Wimbledon garb on it! You should have seem me at the Post Office when I received this in our mailbox!

This now has a position of honour on my desktop, and I mean my own desk in my den, not my computer desktop:


So many thanks to M & N and to all my family and friends, old and new, here and in cyberspace, for being such good friends! I am indeed very lucky and very thankful to have you all in my life.

Next post will have trip pictures!

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lexa said...

You and your Roger, lol!

Don't eat too much this weekend! I think I have to make our turkey on Sunday, T will most likely go to work on Monday.

My word verification is penasess. Hmmm....


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