04 October 2010

Home Again

We arrived home safe and sound after a 21 hour trip.  That’s leaving our hotel at 6:15 Thursday morning and arriving here in NS at 10:15 Thursday evening.  Factor in the 5 hour time difference and voila!  21 hours! We were so tired we didn’t know if we were punched or bored!  I spent the next 3 days either experiencing the worst jet lag ever, or with a case of the stomach flu.  Headache, body ache and queasy stomach. 

We both decided that we were never travelling again.  Ever!  So what was John doing last night?  Looking for flights to Phoenix Arizona and then on to Hawaii in April!  We are going to try Tuscon this spring instead of Florida.  Friends of ours who live there part time swear it will get rid of all my aches and pains from arthritis, so we decided to try it for a week or so.  Then other friends invited us to stay with them in the condo they had rented in Hawaii for 2 weeks, so we figured that since we were almost half way there from Phoenix, that we would take them up on their offer!  No Florida for us this year.  Arizona and Hawaii instead!

I’m fine today and ready to get things back to order.  Mail has to be gone through, luggage finished unpacking and put away, more laundry done!  Then I have to go through all our photos and pick some for my next post!  And that doesn’t include my biggest job of all…….. watching all the season premieres and new shows that I dvr’d whilst we were away! Hours and hours. 

But I should get lots of knitting done trying to catch up on these shows. I didn’t knit as much as I had planned on our trip.  The motion sickness totally eliminated any and all car knitting.  Poor lighting in our accommodations accounted for the rest of the excuse!  I need good light to knit!  I did however finish the Par 5 socks and am very pleased with them.


And the dog walking toque for John.


I had started a scarf to work on during our trip home, but I just couldn’t get into it. Not sure if it was the yarn, or the pattern or the fact that I wasn’t feeling well, but I have decided to frog it and give the yarn away!

So when we got home and I needed something to knit I remembered the Bubble Scarf by Lucy Neatby and I started that.  I knew it was not a project to take on our travels, too much concentration required. And boy was I right!  It is definitely labour intensive.  I actually even did the swatch because I had never done double knitting before.  My edges aren’t perfect but I hope that a gentle soak in Eucalan and blocking will help fix that!


Finally, the Piece de Resistance:

Remember  the Mini Dress Top that I knit for Shannon in June.  She wore it to work last week and sent me a picture. How smart does that look?


Next post………… trip pictures!


lexa said...

I am impatiently waiting for trip pictures, lol. Keep looking several times a day, no dice.

Arizona and Hawaii, sounds like fun!

Marti said...

You're quite a bit further on your scarf than I am. I think I was just at the point of doing the first bubble and balked. You'll have to let me know what sort of method you use to manage the two strands at a time. And the mini-dress looks adorable :) Can't wait to hear all about Italy.

Frieda said...

Looking forward to the trip photos ! Wow Arizona and Hawaii , that should be quite a spectacular vacation .

It doesn't seem to me that the needles were on vacation .You did pretty well ! The socks are beautiful and the scarf will be a stunner when it's done .

Landerson said...

Wow, Shan's sweater turned out great. Quite the model:)


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