13 July 2010

Yay! I went to Lucy Neatby’s Shop

Yesterday I went to the city to do a bunch of errands. Nothing major, just a lot of small things that needed to be done. I also got to go to Lucy Neatby’s shop in Dartmouth. I had phoned to ordered a pattern/kit and Dawn, the very nice lady on the phone, suggested that where I was local, I could pick them up and save on shipping. So I made an appointment for 11ish, set the address in my car’s Nav System to her house and there I was. In a gorgeous world of colour and projects, finished and amazing! Walls of coloured yarns, solid and multis. Patterns and projects, dvds. And of course the piece de resistance:


Kauni Yarn in the Rainbow colourway and beiges colourway to knit this:


This scarf is drop dead gorgeous and apparently flying off the shelves. My friend and I are going to knit it together. Not one scarf, but one each of course. It is double knitting which is a new technique to me and I am quite anxious to learn, so this seemed to be opportune!

I also bought a skein of the Celestial Merino to knit socks to go with Shan’s Peasy. The colour isn’t perfect but it should be fine on her feet!


Lucy was not there. She was at her summer place on Tancook Island, working and enjoying the summer weather! I have met her before, having taken two workshops from her, so I wasn’t devastated not to meet her. But she really is a great lady and it would have been fun!

Now off to try to finish two more stuffed animals before Sunday. I am knitting Elijah for H and Sophie for Reese! So far I have Elijah’s head done! Must go knit!!!


lexa said...

I only did the one workshop with Lucy. She's unique!

Frieda said...

Lucky you ! That scarf seems it will be afun project .Looking forward to seeing it in progress .

Lucy Neatby said...

Hi Donna, I'm sorry that I missed your visit, but glad that Dawne was able to help you. I am very lucky to have great folks working with me.
The time on the island enabled me to get the finishing book (Cool Knitters Finish in Style) off on it's next stage towards completion. (It's worse than giving birth.)
Have fun with the Kauni, it's a very seductive yarn; there are so many things that you can do with it.
It softens up a lot when it is washed. Happy stitches, Lucy


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