20 December 2009

What? It’s Too Long?? And, It’s Snowing!!

Can you believe it?  I was working away on my Ellington socks and tried one on and measured and started Chart B at the required length, ( which is the chart prior to the decrease for the toe chart ), only to discover that if I continued to knit and follow the pattern, the toe would be waaaaaaay too long.  Fortunately for both me and the sock, when I got to the actual decreasing 4 stitches every other row part, I fudged it a bit by decreasing every row instead and it looks fine.

A couple of notes:

  • I really love the sock but I must say that it takes a lot of concentration and frequently reading the pattern as well as the chart. 
  • Also, I find that for my older bifocal needing eyes, the chart is too small and needed to be enlarged. 
  • Some of the symbols are very similar and easy to misinterpret or mix up. 
  • And in one case, the same symbol meant two different things, depending on whether you are doing small, medium or large sizes. Very confusing.  Hence the frequent reading of the pattern as well as the chart.


Despite all this, I really do love the sock and can hardly wait to finish the second one.  I am starting the foot now and hopefully will remember everything I did with sock 1 and not make so many errors and have to tink so much!

As for the weather, the winter storm that has pounded the NE US is starting here as I type.  Just a few flurries right now, but……….. We aren’t supposed to be hit as hard as our southern neighbours, however we should get 15 to 25 cm. or about 6 to 10 inches of snow.  We have an annual “the Sunday before Christmas” cocktail party to go to this afternoon.  Fortunately for us it is here in HP.  Unfortunately for our hosts, many of their guests will probably cancel because of the storm and it’s forecast potential. Maybe it will hold off till later this afternoon and everyone will still be able to go!  I am trying to get a picture to show gusting snow, but it doesn’t come out all that well.


Yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by staying home and having fresh lobster!  It was sooooooo good.  I don’t mind shelling lobster at all.  And we have enough for more sandwiches tonight and lots for the seafood chowder I will make for Christmas Eve.  I think lobster is my favourite food.  Or at least in a tie with chocolate.

And finally, we had our Knit Nite Christmas party/cookie exchange on Thursday.  A fun night was had by all and my popularity cookies were a hit!  

We are now back from the party and although several people cancelled, there were still lots of friends there and a huge selection of food!  A great time and now we are snuggled safely in our house with our dogs.  Please don’t let the power go out.  It is really windy :((   I really hate it when the power goes out! 


lexa said...

The socks looks great. Too bad it wasn't easier to cope with the pattern.

It's a nasty day out there. Our first storm of the season.

Marti said...

We opted out of a potluck dinner because of the weather, but I'm still quite enjoying being all tucked up and snug here at home. Quite the accumulation of snow :)

My verification word is parks :)

A Crafty Mom said...

The sock is beautiful - I love the pattern and the colour too!! Glad you enjoyed your anniversary lobster and the popularity cookies. I think I may try to make them in the next day or two!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That sock is gorgeous! WOW!


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