28 December 2009

Post Christmas Post

Christmas has come and gone without a post from me.  Why you might ask?  Well the main reason is that we were off in Saint John with our youngest daughter and her family!  We left on the 23rd and arrived there late that afternoon, to be greeted with such excitement and joy by the little ones ( I think their parents psyched them up for our arrival).  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed every minute of it!  Christmas morning was so much fun seeing it through the eyes of children, with all the awe and amazement.  They were both very good and shared and played and had a great time! Not posting a bunch of pictures, just one little video clip that says it all:

We did not spend any time hungry whilst we were there!  Seafood chowder on Christmas eve ( this is a long time tradition at our house).  We ended up with two delicious Christmas dinners, the first at Lauren’s house and then on Boxing Day we went to Mark’s parents for another turkey dinner. They even gave us some to take home, so John got his leftovers!!! Plus all the Christmas treats in every bowl and plate! 

The Ellington socks were finished the night before we left for SJ and didn’t I go and leave them at home on their sock blockers. ( I did remember everything else though, so considering that they weren’t on the list, that isn’t too bad!)  So now they will have to wait for New Year’s Eve to make their debut!!


They are drop dead gorgeous if I do say so myself!

I also knit a pair of clogs for a friend on our drive to and from SJ and started a pair of socks for Shannon in the Zauberball black to grey to white colours. 

ClogsTeresa  ZauberballBlackDSC02662

I made a wee visit to Cricket’s Cove in SJ and bought some yarn there .  It is possibly the most beautiful yarn I have ever owned and I loooooove it!  Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in Old Gold colourway.  ( I got 2 skeins in case I decided to knit a shawl.)BlueHeronOldGlodNot sure what I am going to knit with this.  They had a shawl and a scarf pattern that the store had done it up in, but I really think it needs something special!


lexa said...

Is he wearing the little vest you knit him?

My parents always come down Christmas morning to watch the boys open their stuff. They only live up around the corner from us. Luckily my boys aren't early birds. I let them open their stockings, then they have to wait for Nanny and Grampy. (I call as soon as they're up, so by the time the stockings are done, the grandparents are there anyways.)

Landerson said...


A Crafty Mom said...

Adorable!!! So glad you had a wonderful holiday :) And the yarn is gorgeous!


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