07 August 2009

Silence is Golden

Vacation in Nova Scotia for our girls and their families has come to end and everyone has gone home. The weather was great, no rainy days, lots of sunshine and beach time. The children played and ran and laughed and cried.

Here we have Hunter after falling face first onto our stone walkway! Bunged up nose and scraped forehead!

With 5 little ones between 1 & 5 there was bound to be some tears, but way more laughter and fun experiences.

Pete as Surfer Dude _________ Reese with a mischievous look in her eyes!

Hunter & Leah having dinner __________ David looking reflective!

And there were several trips to our local Dairy Treat for ice cream!

This was Hunter's first ice cream.
Do you think he liked it?

So we are now enjoying a little peace and quiet and down time.

We have our dogs home again and they are so happy to be back. Both dogs ran around the house checking everything out. Gunni then proceeded to empty the toy box of all stuffed toys and rawhides as if to make sure everything was still there. They both did well at the new boarder's house and Gunni even peed regularly! In fact, last evening when I took them out for a walk he peed THREE, count 'em, THREE times! And at bedtime, he peed on the fence in our yard!! I so hope this continues! Imagine not having to bundle up and take him over to our neighbour's yard in the middle of a blizzard! Gillian, the boarder, did say ( tongue in cheek) that I could bring him down there to pee anytime I had a problem!

I did forget to mention to Gillian that Gunni doesn't like vacuum cleaners, brooms or lawn mowers. She learned that one for herself. Also, apparently he doesn't like thunder and spent 2 hours one night trying to kill it! Nothing she said or did could settle him down. He was going to bark viciously at the thunder until he got rid of it! Fortunately she is a dog person, (obviously, or she wouldn't be boarding dogs) and thought it was funny!

So we are all back to normal here. Laundry is all done and beds remade and I am doing nothing but knit today. And we are going out to the Quarterdeck for dinner tonight. Just the two of us. Quietly. With wine.


lexa said...

The pug we had when I was a kid barked CONSTANTLY if there was thunder. His voice actually used to go hoarse he barked so bad.

We've stopped at the DT for ice cream a couple of times when we were at the beach. Man, their small isn't very small! It's sooooo good, though. And I suppose for $8.24 for three ice creams you should get a decent size!

PS I was asked last night out of the blue why I haven't been going to Knit Nite. I informed him (the Littlest One) that you had company for a couple of weeks, so we didn't have any. He says I have to go to the next one so their babysitter can come in. They haven't had her watch them for awhile, he misses her. :)

Heddy said...

o my stars - what an adorable pack of kids! It is nice to hear you had a great visit with them all (wow! 5 of them you must have been very busy giving hugs, snuggles and kissing boo boos all week long! makes me smile to think about the happy noises that would have been coming from your home last week!)

My keyboard batteries have been dead for a few days, so I am trying to catch up on the blogs I read and comment on -- -and I have been wanting to say something on yours about the precious ones visiting you -- it sounds like a wonderful week!

Frieda said...

What a beautiful bunch of grandkids . I bet you enjoyed their visit and will miss them , though the peace and quiet after all the hustle and bustle will be nice too.

Max's Alaska is a big wuss whenever there's a thunderstorm . He doesn't bark at it just hides away or tries to crawl onto your lap. If it's night he'll jump onto the bed and try to dig his way underneath you to protect him . Zeus & Bingo could care less , doesn't bother them one bit .

Landerson said...

Cute grandkiddies:) Thanks for the visit and enjoy the peace and quiet!


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