04 August 2009

Great Summer Weather in Nova Scotia

Busy, busy, busy! Everyone is still here and the weather is behaving very nicely thank you. And yet I am still getting in a bit of knitting time here and there!

The families have been having a great time and going to the beach every day. Who wouldn't enjoy that? I know my kids both grew up spending summers on the beach and just loved it. I think all 5 grandchildren have enough Nova Scotia in them that they all love the beach as well!

Yesterday, Mark and I took the 3 oldest grandkids to see the movie, G Force. The boys enjoyed it but I think Reese might have been a bit young yet. She did manage to sit for almost an hour though! And then for dinner last night we did the World's Best Clams at our local takeout! The girls both feel no visit home is complete without a trip to the Dairy Treat!

No grandkid pictures today. It seems every time there is a " kodak moment," my camera is at home! :((

However, I do have a few knitting pics!

The Toe Up or Bust sock is coming along. I have done the gusset and heel on one sock and it looks odd to me, but it fits Shannon so I will now start the gusset and heel on sock #2. I don't hate doing the socks this way and now that I know I can do them and have my trusty book on hand, I will probably do the occasional pair toe up. But I think I am definitely a cuff down girl. I quite like the the thrill and danger of not knowing if I will run out of yarn or not by the time I get to the toe. Plus I have a friend who takes my leftovers and uses them up for charity causes or whatever, so the yarn is never wasted!

Living on the edge, I have also cast on another pair of socks! This is a first for me. But I needed something easy to knit driving to the movie in Bridgewater yesterday, so I started Cookie A's Summer Sox! I only worked on the cuff and the colour is an orange/red, but I think they are going to be gorgeous! Not sure who they will be for though.

I must tidy up the house a bit whilst everyone is out. Today they are all over at Carter's Beach, which is just gorgeous! The pictures just can't do it justice.

Paul leaves tonight to fly home and then the others all leave on Thursday. I must say we are missing our dogs and will be glad to have them home with us again! Even if Gunni does try our patience at times. :))


lexa said...

We stopped at the Dairy Treat today for ice cream. Took the boys to Port Joli beach first, disappointingly few moon snail shells, then we got and ice cream and back tracked to Summerville Beach for an hour. Now we're getting ready for the Oldest One's soccer game.

When Gunni gets home he'll head straight for your yarn for payback time! lol! His yarn stealing is just so cute, he's a sly little devil. :)

Frieda said...

Nice to hear that summer has arrived in your neck of the woods .

Love your toe up socks , they're coming along really well . The red Cookie A. socks are in my queue , god only knows when I'll get to those ;-0 .Too busy these days to knit on socks , but I have been faithfully knitting on the stole every spare minute. Priorities, priorities...

Marti said...

Glad to hear that the weather is behaving. We've been having some awesome summer days here as well. Hopefully the sun will stick around long enough out there for me to hit the beach once or twice myself :)


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